Eighteen years ago Warren Matthews decided to find a vitamin product that would help him to have a healthy life ahead.  He took a trip to America with his son and found no products that were up to the standard he required.  So he decided to manufacture his own products back in New Zealand.  He happened to bump into retired Professor Dr. A. Munem Daoud a bio-scientist.  He had switched his research to nutritional formulations.  He then developed the first generation of Total Balance back in the year 2000.  That was when Xtend-Life was born.  Today Warren is in his late sixties and a very healthy person ready to live another 30 plus years.  He regularly takes Xtend-Life Vitamins and he believes this is what has kept him in good health and will continue to into the future.  You can read his full story on the Xtend-Life website Xtend Life.  I have been taking Kiwi-Klenz, Omega 3 Fish Oil and Total Balance for some time now and at 81 years of age I feel great.  I believe Xtend-Life products are far superior to off the shelf products available from Supermarkets and local Health Stores.  You have nothing to lose because all Xtend-Life products carry a 365 day money back guarantee. Have a look at our descriptive pages to give you more information on these most popular products.